Join us at Massage Inc


How Massage Inc operates:

You need to be Well Groomed:
Dress code: Smart 

We don't allow clients to choose ladies.
The clients call you directly and should only see you, no one else.
We pride ourselves on being very private and discreet.
You will need your own phone to make your appointments and speak to your clients and answer all their questions.

Charge what you like:
On average our ladies charge between 900 and 1500.
You pay R300 for the use of the room and the rest is yours.

Offer what you like:
All rooms have both massage beds and Normal beds in each room, What you offer has nothing to do with us.


You must be Honest:
Know that you are representing the Massage Inc and we will not tolerate ladies that scam, threaten, blackmail, or steal from clients in any way shape, or form.

A minimum of 6 bookings per week is required to keep your slot if you are full time.
If you are a part-time lady the minimum required is two bookings per day you work.

We have ZERO tolerance for any form of drugs,

We do not allow clients or therapists to bring any drugs or even if Drug paraphernalia is found on you or in your belongings you will be asked to leave immediately.




You must advertise yourself extensively.

This is paid for and arranged for by yourself

Sleep Overs:
Free, if you do 3 or more bookings that day
R200, if you have done less than 3 bookings that day.

You work when you like, the salon is open

Everyday: 7:30 to 22:00

Room Fees:
R300 per hour booking.
Same for travel bookings unless you are a part-time lady.

Any more questions are welcome!

We hope you join us!!!

For more info please WhatsApp or


SMS Shelley on 082-488-4349




Does Massage Inc charge levies?

No we don't charge levies.

We provide everything you need accept your toiletries, food and massage oil.

(Sorry No Coconut oil allowed, it's makes the towels smell bad)


Does Massage Inc pay for advertising?

We have adverts on ESA and banner adverts on Redvelvet and

We have our website on Google Ads. 

The rest is up to you, if you don't advertise/ promote and set your profile as avail then you will not make it.


May I work at other venues at the same time?

If you work from out of town and a part time lady then YES you can,

but If you work in JHB then NO you may not.


Massage Inc, unfortunately, does not allow the following at our venue:

Shemales, Males, and Ladyboys.

Ladies that take drugs,

No under 21 year olds,

Illegal foreigners, or

Ladies that practice Voodoo or Dark magic, it scares the other ladies away.



Please call or SMS or WhatsApp Shelley on